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Manage Your Websites Content With All of the Most Powerful Intergrated Tools Anywhere

Why use barebones content management systems like Wordpress, Joomla, or Drupal when you can have a full-featured WYSIWYG content manager that provides you with drag-and-drop page organizations, synchronizes with your site menu, allows for one-click password protection, and integrates with our entire suite of online tools. No half-done plug-ins and add-ons with security flaws. We've got it all in one place.

  • Web Pages: Create unlimited pages in seconds. Automatically populate with "lorem ipsum" text and replace it with your own website content.
  • Restore Web Pages: With the click of a button, quickly and easily view and restore to any prior version of a web page from the last 90 days.
  • Custom Menus: Manage any custom menus you create for your website. Create submenus for different sections of your website and more.
  • Snippets & Elements: Use third-party JavaScript and IFrame widgets on any section of your website. Encapsulate and centralize them for easy reuse and maintenance.
  • Online Forms: WYSIWYG creation of HTML forms and simply controls for processing them. Send collected data via e-mail, populate our CRM, send autoresponders, and record data files.

Complete Feature List of our Content Management Tools

It's the cornerstone of any website service - an amazing content management system. The Jabez Creative CMS does it right with the perfect combination of powerful options in a user-friendly environment. In addition to the above, you will also benefit from each and every one of the following capabiities:

  • Fast Page Creation: Just type in the title of your name page and click Create Page. Your page is created instantly prepopulated with "Lorem Ipsum" text.
  • WYSIWYG Interface: You don't have to know a lick of HTML. Our system allows you to update your website as easily as typing into Word.
  • HTML Access: For HTML gurus, we provide you with access to the underlying HTML of every page so that you can work your magic and customize your code.
  • Container Pages (Folders): Organize your web pages into folders, or Container Pages. Automatically structure your website for a sitemap or dropdown menus.
  • Drag-and-Drop Reordering: Reorder your web pages and folders by simply clicking, dragging, and dropping them into the right order. It's so easy!
  • Page Access Controls: You control who can access a web page. Restrict access to registered visitors or specific types of members.
  • Advanced Options: Access every page's advanced settings with one click. Reoganize them into new folders, rename their menu links, and more.
  • Automenu System: Automatically generate your website menu from your website structure using our automenu feature. Your menu always stays syncronized with your website structure.
  • Automatic Sitemap Generation: We automatically generate your sitemaps for Google and Bing to follow your website structure.
  • Per-Page SEO: Control each page's title, description, and keywords - or just allow them to be inherited from your main settings.
  • Template Assignment: Each page can use the default website template or can be assigned its own template. This can be done PER PAGE!
  • Password Protection: Lock specific pages that you do not want viewed by the general public with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Unlimited Custom Menus: Create unlimited additional custom menus for your website. Use custom menus for subnavigation or to provide additional menus for areas of your website.
  • Unlimited Snippets & Elements: Store reusable code snippets and specific CMS elements in one central repository.
  • Third-Party Integration: Utilize code from YouTube, PayPal, or any other third-party vendor that provides you with HTML/JavaScript code.
  • WYSIWYG Form Creation: Dynamically create and manage your own online forms to capture visitor information and interact with our platform features.
  • Form Processing Controls: Control how forms act once submitted. Configure notifications, autoresponders, data files, online payment and more.
  • Form Submission Notifications: Set up where who will be notified when a form is submitted and the information they will see.
  • Autoresponders: Instantly respond to website visitors who submit forms by creating personalized autoresponders.
  • Save To Data File: Save every form submission's raw data to an encrypted data file that can only be read by you.
  • Custom Functionality: Program your form to enroll students, process payments, and even register visitors into your CRM system.
  • Direct-To-CRM Capability: With the addition of one field and specific data fields, your forms can add people to our CRM automatically.
  • Secure Forms: Generate links to secure versions of every form you create. Includes 2048-bit encryption and every feature of our form system.

Let Us Help Your Resource Data Make Sense to Website Visitors

Organize your general website information into an easy-to-access-and-understand format. Your Website visitors expect to see organized, simple information they can digest at a glance. Our Resource Manager tools allow us to do that for you. Just add your data and install.

  • Link Directory:Instead of creating what looks like a disorganized list of random links, let us turn that into a mini search directory.
  • Unlimited Link Folders:Categorize your links into searchable folders.
  • Unlimited Links:Now, add your links in their respective folders. We'll create a beautiful directory out of the data.
  • Automatic Meta Data Fetching:Just enter the URL and our system will try to find the title and summary to save you time, if possible.
  • Automatic Homepage Thumbnails:We also generate a thumbnail of the homepage of each link you enter.
  • Rating & Reviews:For better visual emphasis, add a rating and a review to your links of choice.
  • Links Open In New Window:When visitors click on your links, the websites will open up in a new window, leaving your website open behind it.

Additional Modules Included: We've packed the platform with just more than basic page management. Manage online learning centers, ministry applications, blogs, and much more - and we're far from done!

  • Online Account Management
  • Unlimited Blogs Management
  • Live Chat & Directories
  • Event & Registration Management
  • Online Learning Management
  • Ministry Tools & Applications

The Most Flexible and Easy To Use Template Code and Hosting Manager Ever Created

We've made it super simple for team members with advanced website management skills to take complete control over your website template code, advanced settings, SEO settings, and hosting controls. With our CMS, it's possible to make changes to every single aspect of your website so that it's as flexible as you need it to be.

  • Page Templates: Manage your website's homepage, secondary, and auxiliary templates with total access to the underlying HTML and CSS code in an online code editor environment.
  • Default Meta Tags: Control the default meta content the search engines see behind the scenes. Standard and extended meta information fully support.
  • Preload Scripts: Add preload and postload scripts to extend your website's capabilities. From custom widgets to Google Analytics, we've got you covered.
  • Color Palette: Defined the custom colors you've used in your website design and our applications will automatically use them to create a seamless experience.
  • Technical Settings: Change dozens of granular website settings such as default fonts, doctypes, page headers, and more.
  • Web Server Settings: Access your websites server settings and host headers directly through our management interface.
  • Web Stats: Report on every visit to your website, using SmarterStats Enterprise to understand who is visiting your website, where they are coming from, and where they are going.

Complete Feature List of our Hosting Management Tools

It's light years ahead of standard web hosting - it's the complete suite of web-based tools that gives you absolute power and control over your website.

  • Unlimited Templates: Create homepage, secondary, and as many auxiliary templates as you need. Apply any template to any page.
  • HTML/CSS Separation: Control the HTML and CSS of each template separately but all on one screen!
  • CSS Inheritance: Our system allows your templates to inherit CSS code from other templates to avoid code duplication and conflicts.
  • File-Based Template Support: Upload an HTML file instead of coding in our online editor if you prefer.
  • Automenu System: Dynamically generate your site menus as unordered lists from your website structure.
  • Default Meta Tags: Control the title, description, and keyword meta tags that all pages use by default.
  • Additional Meta Tag Support: Easily add additional meta tags such as author and site verification tags.
  • Preload Script Support: Install JavaScript code to be loaded on every page of your website.
  • Postload Script Support: Install code to execute immediately before your body tags for conversion tracking and analytics.
  • Application Color Palette: Match the colors of our applications to colors used in your design template.
  • Advanced Technical Settings: Control the granular settings of our system such as fonts, headers, and footer information.
  • Footer Controls: Turn our "Powered By" footers on or off and control your copyright information.
  • Enterprise Web Statistics & Reporting: Complete website statistics provide every possible insight about your website visitors.
  • Google Analytics Support: We support and love Google Analytics. Install it in seconds.
  • Third-Party Widget Support: Install any third-party JavaScript or IFrame widget right into your site templates.
  • Element & Snippet Support: Use our Elements and Snippet system throughout your templates to centralize code and make changes a snap.


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