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Volunteer Management

Volunteers are the key to having events run smooth and provide a rewarding guest experience. The Jabez Creative Volunteer Management System is directly connected to Events, making it easy to manage the volunteer responsibilities with each event date that is scheduled.

  • Role Assignment Plans: For each event you can create each of the roles necessary to effectively host each event. Then, you will be able to manage the number of volunteers needed for by role, showing the number of volunteers needed and the number of volunteers signed-up.
  • Volunteer Roles: Organize all of your required volunteer roles, such as greeters, registration, servers, and kitchen helpers can be entered and tracked.
  • Role Coordinators: For each role, you may have a coordinator assigned to manage volunteer team members, volunteer sign-up targets, and specific communication to each group of volunteers.
  • Number of Volunteers Needed: Track by role how many volunteers you'll need.
  • Number of Volunteers Signed Up: See at a high level how well volunteer sign-up targets have been met, and also be able to see exactly who has signed up and their specific skills and capabilities.
  • Approve Volunteer Sign-up Requests: The Role Coordinator is able to be notified and is able to approve the self-recruited individuals who have offered to volunteer for the specific role, as well as auto-approve volunteers that have been recruited for the event.
  • Resources: Map out facility resources for use in event scheduling to reserve rooms and equipment and track their use. Resources are able to be overseen by the assigned resource manager for the specific resource.

Volunteer Role Leaders

  • Volunteer Leader Reports: Leaders responsibe for specific roles are able to view and corresond with their volunteer team mebers. This helps make management and group communication easier, ultimately leading to a more successful event.
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