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If you were to give to an organization like yours, why would you give? What types of things would you give?

Fundraising is best done as a collaborative effort, letting constituents know that you are raising money, what you are raising money for, and how they can immediately help – whether they make a donation or not. Provide recipient donation and participation options, such as one-time gifts, 24 monthly commitments, prayer commitments, and volunteerism. Make your message clear and concise. Hopefully, the people you have targeted know your message and already recognize the value of your organization and are open to contributing to it.

Giving simply to support operations in general, and "as usual" is not very motivational.  People prefer a cause for giving, multiple methods of giving, and reporting back on the results of the gift.  Jabez Creative can help you with setting up your fundraising initiatives as well as providing the digital resources such as:

  • On-line giving
  • On-line orders
  • Fundraising initiatives
  • Logo merchandise
  • Multiple store fronts
  • Online Volunteerism
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