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A Full-Featured Online Learning Platform Focused on Course Delivery and Student Management

Deliver online course material and manage students from anywhere in the world. 3nity CMS delivers a complete online learning management system for a fraction of the cost of our competitors. Plus, it's part of a platform that delivers unbelievable value and performance.

  • Programs & Courses:Organize your course materials into curriculums, courses, units, and exams. Deliver text, video, and audio content easily.
  • Student Activity:Monitor and research student activity logs with the click of a button.
  • Enrollment:View, approve, and decline incoming enrollment requests from one central queue.

Complete Feature List of our Learning Management Tools

It's more than a simply learning management system - it's an easy-to-use course delivery system that integrates seamlessly with our CRM, e-commerce, and content management tools and provides you with a custom online teaching environment for a price that can't be matched.

  • Tiered Content Delivery:Curriculums contain courses, which contain units, which contain exams. Unlimited EVERYTHING.
  • Unlimited Curriculums:Creates as many curriculums (collection of courses) as you want.
  • Enrollment Approval Controls:You control what enrollment requests are approved or declined.
  • Easily Reorder Courses:Click, drag, and drop courses into curriculums and reorder them at any time.
  • Restricted Course Advancement:You determine whether a student must complete a course before continuing to the next one.
  • Unlimited Courses:Add as many courses as necessary to central repository and add them to multiple curriculums.
  • Unlimited Course Units:Courses can be divided into an unlimited number of units for easy student reference.
  • Text, Video, and Audio Content:Add different types of media to units, such as text, video, and audio.
  • Unlimited Unit Exams:Create one or more exams per unit. If you add more than one, the system will automatically rotate them.
  • Unlimited Question:Add as many multiple choice, fill-in, list, or essay questions as you need to.
  • Online Student Exam Administration:Students are able to take all exams online once they view the corresponding course material.
  • Autograding:Allow our platform to grade your exams! Set autograding on a per-question basis.
  • Instructor Dashboard:Course instructors can sign in and manually grade exams that require attention.
  • Exam Notes:Instructors can add question and exam notes to any submitted exam.
  • Student Records:All student records are recorded and stored in our CRM.
  • Dedicated, Pop-Up Learning Center:Easily install the launch button that initiates the Learning Center for students.
  • Tablet-Friendly Interface:Students and instructors can access the Learning Center via a desktop computer or portable tablet device.
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