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Create and Manage Unlimited Blogs and Blog Posts From Anywhere In the World

Blogging has become an essential part of any content-rich website. 3nity CMS provides you with everything you need to create blogs and add blog posts complete with social sharing, RSS feeds, and visitor commenting built in.

  • Blog Dashboard:View your last 12 months of posting activity and most popular posts across all of your blogs at a glance.
  • Blogs & Articles:Create unlimited blogs and add unlimited posts to each blog. Install your blog onto your CMS website pages in seconds.
  • Comment Queue:Never miss comments posted by your website visitors. Approve or decline posts with a single click.

Complete Feature List of our Blogging Platform

It's more than just a blogging system - it's part of the comprehensive 3nity CMS suite of web-based tools that provides your organization with everything it needs to deliver your most timely content.

  • Instant Blogs:Create and install your blog in just seconds. It's as easy as filling out a form and copy and pasting some text.
  • Completely Unlimited:Creates as many blogs and add as many posts as you'd like. We don't impose any limits and keep everything running fast.
  • Media Attachments:Add audio or video to your blog posts. Great for workshop notes, sermons, and teachings.
  • Social Integration:Enable visitors to share your blog posts on major social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  • RSS Feeds:Each blog has its own RSS feed, for live syndication to other websites and RSS readers.
  • Automatically import RSS Feeds:Add multiple RSS feeds to syndicate content from other websites.
  • Information Display:Choose from options that allow you to display the publishing date, author and even topic of each post within a blog.
  • Make It Searchable:Allow your visitors to search by keyword, author, and topic quickly and easily.
  • Blog Commenting:Your visitors can leave comments on your blog posting. Choose whether to post the comments before or after you have reviewed them.
  • Facebook Commenting:Turn on Facebook commenting with just one click and watch your blog posts go viral!
  • Rotate and Reuse Content:For blogs with timeless content, our system allows you to tell the blog how often to make your oldest content your newest post, reintroducing it to your new website visitors.
  • Author Bio & Photo:Automatic insertion of contributor bio and photos.
  • Prescheduled Post:Write your posts ahead of time and schedule them to show up on your website when you want them to.
  • Post Expiration:For timely posts, schedule them to expire and stop being displayed on your website.
  • Categorization:Define the type of posts, department name, and even topics to assist the system in displaying related items.
  • Article Series Support:Define a multipart series of posts that automatically link and refer to each other.
  • Thumbnails and Images:Easy to add thumbnails and main article images. Just click and upload. Our system inserts and resizes the images for you.
  • Website Feeds:Using our elements system, feed your articles to anywhere on your website driving constant traffic to your blog.
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