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Jabez Creative will move your ministry forward by creating a complete digital presence for any size congregation. Jabez Creative will be a perfect addition to your team of serving volunteers and church staff regardless of their level of technical skills.


We offer a portfolio of church website templates and Facebook designs that will engage members while attracting new visitors on the web. Equally important, we will create and manage all leading social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. beautiful church website sample screens


Build your website the Jabez Creative way. With years of experience designing beautiful church websites and social media campaigns, fresh faces will start showing up at your church service and public events. Church members will start to become more engaged.


Multi-building or multi-location? Jabez Creative will establish the online digital presence for one worship center or multiple locations. With the popularity of Uber, we will make certain to have all locations, entrances, and parking clearly marked so guests can be picked up and dropped off at the right door. As your church's digital presence expands, public reviews and comments may be easily tracked, evaluated and managed.

Driving traffic to your website requires bright and engaging creative content to catch the viewers attention. That is one of the basics of successful church marketing. Marketing content should be prepared for first time guests and members while promoting outreach partners and missions.   All of these groups go to your website for information and Jabez Creative will create high-quality content for each of them.


Our video and graphic services include a reference library of images, content and successful campaigns.  Websites include a powerful content management system (CMS) that your webmaster has complete access to.  The Jabez Creative CMS includes ministry apps and is more powerful and user friendly than WordPress, Wix and other website platforms. Technical support is provided by online web meeting, e-mail, and telephone so we are always just a phone call away.

churches and church groups

church and church groups, multi-location churches



Church Stats and Trends
Church and technology trends and statistics compiled from a number of sources. Based on churches in America whenever possible.

Church and technology trends compiled from many leading sources. Based on churches in America when possible.









Only 1 in 20 churches in America are actually growing as a result of conversions.1 - As stated in a blog and podcast by Thom Rainer

The number of people attending a church in America drops by 2 percent each year. Thom Rainer

Up to 80 percent of our churches are either plateaued or are in decline. "Marketing" by the other 20 percent, trying to pull Christians to the exciting, well-financed fast-growing church is good business, but it isn't how we are told to grow. Nor will it reach our nation with the message of Christ.






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